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COLLECTIBLE ARMS. Hello, I’m Tom Klein, a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer and owner of Heritage Arms, LLC, 68 N. Main St, Sparta, NC 28675. I have been a firearms enthusiast all my life, have enjoyed collecting fine firearms for 40 years, and as a NRA Life Member and Official NRA Recruiter, I am dedicated to defending the Second Amendment. I am a Vietnam era veteran of U.S. Navy Aviation and have been a self employed business man for over 45 years. When I reached retirement age, instead of sitting back in my rocking chair I established Heritage Arms as an enjoyable semi-retirement business, and to do my part in passing along our country’s proud firearms heritage to younger generations. My Heritage Arms store is dedicated exclusively to dealing in Collectible Grade and Select Quality Pre-Owned Contemporary Firearms. Gun collection liquidation is my specialty. I will purchase 1 gun or a collection of more than 100 guns, making the legal liquidation of your private or estate collection of firearms hassle free for fair immediate payment. I purchase firearms in the store during business hours and any day by appointment. For a large collection I will be happy to come to you. Please call 336-372-6100 anytime for info and an appointment.

NEW FIREARMS: Thousands of new firearms from all major manufacturers are conveniently available in our 24/7/365 Online store at low discounted Internet competitive pricing. When you buy in the online store your purchase ships from our distributor’s warehouse and is quickly available for pick-up in the store, even as quickly as the following day, but no later than two to four business days. You get a great online price because Heritage saves the expense of buying, stocking and waiting for in store new gun inventory to sell.

ONLINE GUN AUCTIONS: Click this link or click on the logo at the top right of this home page to view current Heritage Arms pre-owned and collectible online gun auctions. If a firearm being auctioned has not yet met reserve it is available for purchase in the store. However, once reserve has been met you must have a gunbroker account and bid to win the auction.

Bill of Rights, Amendment II
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Heritage Arms, LLC is an Official N.R.A. Recruiting Station. We believe every law abiding American citizen is entitled to the ownership and legal use of firearms, and that every reputable patriotic gun owner should be a member of the National Rifle Association participating in protecting their 2nd Amendment Right!

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